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Bind your results to the Telerik RadGrid or ASP.NET 2 GridView controls.

You can have SiteSearchASP.NET bind to any control expecting a DataView DataSource by following these steps:

1. Use the customizable example, replacing the DataGrid with the Telerik RadGrid or ASP.NET 2 GridView control.

2. Omit the ResultsControl property from the <Search:Settings control.

3. Add an ID property to the <Search:Settings control with a value of SearchSettings.

4. Add the following code to your page, ensuring your control is named ResultsControl.

<script language="csharp" runat="server">

 private void Page_Load(object sender, 
   System.EventArgs e) {

     ResultsControl.DataSource = 


Please note that you can't use the <%# Search.Render(... tags with the results control due to some cross compatibility limitations.

You will however have direct access to the result data specified here

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