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I have received a message stating my website has been configured to run in a restricted trust level. How do I resolve?

For all features of SiteSearchASP.NET to be enabled, the ASP.NET trust level must remain at it's default value - Full.

Certain hosting providers, particually in shared environments, lower this setting to High or Medium. This prevents access to critical .NET framework components including the WebRequest object.

This can be overcome if your hosting provider changes their ASP.NET security policy file to allow WebPermission, or enters the url of your website in the policy file's <ConnectAccess> <URI uri attribute in the format of a regular expression (with a trailing .*). For further information please view this Wrox article.

Most hosting providers are flexible enough to make this change.

If this change can't be made, you can run SiteSearchASP.NET in legacy indexing mode by adding an attribute of EnableLegacyIndexing="true" to the <Search:Settings tag. This will index the text of every aspx file in the same folder of your search page (Files within subfolders and files not ending with aspx are not indexed). Please bare in mind this is a very simple search that extracts the text from the physical ASP.NET page, hence no dynamic content or programatic content is indexed. You will need to ensure your ASP.NET user account has the appropriate access to the search folder. Office document indexing, or using our add-on PDF indexer requires the trust level to be set as Full due to system interop calls.

Note: Changes to the machine.config generally require a restart of the W3CSVC (World Wide Web Publishing) service.

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