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Inbuilt Crawler with Dynamic Site Support
An inbuilt high performance indexing engine runs automatically, with support to index database-driven ASP.NET sites (Including URLs with querystrings!)

Document Indexing Support
Various document types including HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Word / Excel can all be indexed depending on the license you purchase. Office 2007 documents are also supported (docx, xlsx, pptx).

Area Based Searching
This unique concept allows your visitors to search specific areas of your site that have been 'tagged' as belonging to an area. This could for example be a 'Support' area or 'Products' area. The categories are totally customizable.

Intelligent Results Ranking & Search Term Highlighting
Search results are ranked by an intelligent algorithm to ensure the most relevant results are displayed first. The search term is automatically highlighted within such results.

Easy Integration & No Programming Required
No server-side application or database needs to be installed besides uploading the relevant files to the server.

The configuration and integration of the search interface is performed by customizable ASP.NET controls, meaning no programming is required.

SiteSearchASP.NET is compatible with any site / application hosted on a Windows based server running ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5

Enterprise Scalability and Performance
The Enterprise Edition allows the indexer to be be ran via a console application, greatly increasing scalability over the in-process indexer. The storage repository can also be configured to use a Microsoft SQL Server database, supporting sites with up to 500,000 pages.

In addition, the Enterpise Edition supports the ability to define custom meta data on each page, which can be rendered with the search results.

Filtering by PageArea provides great flexibility to group results E.g PDFs, press releases, etc,

Standards Compliant
Adheres to robots spec - allowing robots.txt file or meta information to dictate what pages should not be indexed and/or followed.

Authentication Support
Supports Basic and Integrated Windows Authentication, allowing use on intranets and other secure sites. Our integration guide includes assistance installing with Forms Based Authentication. The HTTPS protocol is also supported.

High Performance & Self Maintaining
The data index is stored using an inbuilt xml based in-memory data repository, minimizing the need for expensive database servers and maintenance.



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With our search solutions reaching the market in 2003, SiteSearchASP.NET is a pioneer of search technology on the ASP.NET platform.

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